Screen Off FX 1.6.1


This widget has the function of the power button.

Tap the widgets, the screen turns off after about 5 seconds to started the simple effect.

The notification bar is displayed while the effect of wiping.

Widgets or can be launched from a shortcut.

Please place this widget on your home screen.

Setting appears in the following operations.
(Please operate it during a screen effect.)
* Double-tap the screen.
* Press the Menu key of the device.
* Select Settings in the notification area.
[notice] Some devices may not operate.

You can choose an effect. Vibration can also be set.
You can also choose the color and design and size of the icon.
( 11 colors of 2 designs and 3 size. )

If the device is difficult to press the power button, please use.

If you want to launch from a shortcut, please tick the check boxes in the initial screen.
When the initial screen is no longer, this app will run directly from a shortcut.
You can not change the color of the shortcut icon.

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